What Is Powder Coating And How Does It Work?

Powder coating refers to a type of paint application where a dry, free-floating, powdery material is used as a dry, free-flowing dry powder coating. Unlike traditional liquid paint that is applied through an evaporating solvent (such as petrolatum or mineral oil) or with an oven drying process, powder coating generally is applied via a UV light or electrostatic process and cured under pressure or ultraviolet light.

Powder Coating

Although it’s not necessary to purchase a powder coating machine, they do make the job much faster. There is no need for pre-treatment when using a powder coating machine, although most companies prefer to pre-treatment their surfaces before beginning any type of paintwork. This gives them enough time to apply the correct amount of the paint and prevent the formation of bubbles. Because it’s an applied material, powder coating has some special equipment and machinery needs to be properly installed to avoid damaging the surface. Many experienced powder coaters will provide advice on the best way to perform the job correctly.

Powder coatings are used in a variety of applications and can often be applied more quickly and easily than traditional paints. They have an overall lighter color and tend to last longer than traditional paint. Another positive aspect of powder coatings is their resistance to abrasion. They also don’t require a top coat or varnish, unlike many other paint types. There’s also a smaller chance of staining with powder coatings. Since they’re an applied substance, there’s no airbrush applicator to wear or paintbrushes or other types of sprayers to use.

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