Tantra Practitioner Training

Ancient tantra is the science of the awakening and empowerment of energy, the subtle life force that lies dormant within all living things. As a tantra practitioner training, you will learn to access this powerful energy for the purpose of empowering sexual and emotional wholeness in your intimate and spiritual relationships. Ancient tantra has always viewed sexuality and gender as a source of divine energy, which is why gender expression and intimacy are among its most important aspects. This ancient art of intimacy also offers much information on how to increase one’s energy levels, in order to awaken greater levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Therefore, if you seek to find greater levels of emotional and spiritual well-being, tantra can provide a rich and fulfilling experience through its teachings on tantra yoga and tantra practice.

Chakra Clearing and Leveling For a Better Life

Ancient tantra philosophy maintains that tantra should begin at an individual level, with a primary focus on mastering and maintaining the three primary chakras – or channels – which lie within every person’s body. These three chakras correspond to the main energy centers of a human body, located in the spine and held within each organ. By training in tantra, one can refine and optimize these centers in order to achieve higher levels of energy prana. By attaining level one in tantra practitioner training, you will be able to harness prana to heal yourself and others. Once you have achieved level one, your ability to heal yourself and others become second nature, allowing you to use this power for the benefit of others.

To achieve level two, three, and eventually the highest level of tantra practice, you will need to continually train yourself and your tantra teacher to expand your knowledge of the secrets of this ancient art. After each level of advancement, you will then be able to fully open and access your fourth and final chakra, called the Sahasrara Chakra. It is here that you will learn and perfect the art of kundalini yoga, one of the most potent forms of spiritual energy work in the world. If this spiritual energy has been dormant in your body for years, it can manifest itself through kundalini tantra practice. When properly implemented, it can completely transform your life, bringing you peace, joy, and love into every aspect of your existence.

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