How To Install Wood Auger Bits

auger bit

Auger bit is among the most popular drill bits utilized to drill various sized holes into wood. Auger bits generally have a small sharp point at the tip, which helps greatly in the accuracy of drilling holes into hardwoods. Generally auger bits possess a hexagonal screw which makes it easier to drill long hollow shaped holes into hardwoods. It is important to use the proper bit size when using auger bit system for drilling a hole into a wooden piece. Most often bits that are used for woodworking are not large enough to allow for drilling all the way through the wood, usually it will be necessary to utilize a drill bit that has a bit tip that is a bit larger than your wood piece.

There are several types of auger bits, but mainly there are two basic categories: straight and curved. A straight auger bit is one, which has a sharp point and will drill through any type of material at a moderate rate. It’s main use is for small diameter holes which are needed to be drilled at a quick pace. Most of these auger bits are made of steel or brass. On the other hand a curved auger bit is made out of a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum and stainless steel.

The above information relates specifically to the installation of wood auger bits. When you are installing wood auger bits, it is essential to read the instructions given by the supplier. Once you have read and understood the instructions, you will be in a better position to install the wood shavings. When you are drilling through the wood, it is important to wear safety glasses, earplugs and gloves. Woodworking can be quite dangerous if done without following correct procedures.

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