How To Apply Invisible Windscreen Protection For Your Car Window

Clear Plex Invisible Windscreen Protection film is by far the first and only completely clear windscreen film for car windscreens. The clear film effectively absorbs all the impact of road hazards such as stones, pitting, star marks, bull’s eye and other common road hazards, leaving the glass in perfect condition. It also reduces the chances of chipping and scratching, which are some of the most common causes of vehicle damage. This film comes in a clear acrylic plastic design and has a long-lasting and high level of safety. The clear film can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or a wet towel. It has a UV stabilised coating, which keeps it durable even when subjected to sun and dust.

BEST Windshield Protection EVER!

The invisible windscreen protection is ideal for road users, who often travel in a van or truck. You can safely drive on any type of road surface with this type of window film, as the clearness helps to reduce glare and minimise glare. If you are looking for an invisible windscreen for your van, you will surely find one that suits your vehicle and your needs and budget. Apart from the van, the film also comes in an RV style, which can be used for transporting campers and camper trailers. Even if you don’t have a van or trailer, you can get one to install the film for you, at a low cost.

The invisible Windscreen Protection film is very safe, easy to install and very reliable. The material is strong and it doesn’t easily wear out, unlike the more expensive types of films.

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