How It Works With Our Phones

How It Works With Our Phones

How It Works With Our Phones

With the Futura Lease Office Phone System, you will get virtual PBX features with a VoIP phone service. Have the latest full-featured IP phones to conduct your business. This system will some you hardware space by eliminating the need of having special hardware for your phone system. This requires no length installation or any technical expertise to get started. A hosted office phone system will make your communications easy, cost-effective and accessible from where every you are located.

Connect Your Business

Mobile – If you happen to be out of the office, you can forward your main number or extension to your mobile cell number.

Office – If you have many different office locations, you can connect your offices into a single communication system. No additional hardware is required.

Home – Never miss a call again. You can forward your after hour or weekend calls to your home office.

Multiple Extensions – You can set-up multiple extensions and use them to track your sales.

Connect Employees – With a hosted phone system, you can connect your employees together regardless of their location. It is as if they are working in the same office!

Complete Hosted Phone System – Save money over a traditional business phone system by switching to a hosted office phone system. Get all the PBX features without the high costs.

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