GPRS Ground Penetrating Radar System

ground penetrating radar sydney

If you are a resident of Sydney then you probably know what Ground Penetrating Radar Sydney (GPRS) is, and why so many businesses are investing in it for their various needs. GPRS allows you to find people and things, whether they are on the ground or above it. For example if you want to find a person walking under a bridge then you can use GPRS to track them down because you can pinpoint their exact location in feet. This is great because if the person is moving around a lot then you may want to monitor their movements to ensure that they are safe and not getting into trouble, which is where GPRS can come in handy. You will also be able to get a read on any animals in the area as well.

GPRS can also help you to find people if you have lost them, or if you are just trying to get more information about them such as address information or contact details. You can use this type of technology to search for a person who has been stolen from your home or business. You will be able to track the person through their cell phone or telephone to ensure that they have been traced and found safe.

Ground Penetrating Radar Sydney is a state-of-the-art system that uses a combination of traditional CMR technology and GPRS to locate and identify moving vehicles, individuals and animals. It is completely wireless and can locate anything that is within two miles of the system’s transmission. As soon as the system detects movement, it notifies the receiving station. The system is extremely accurate and reliable and allows for the easy detection of small animals, humans and moving vehicles.

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