3 Bedroom Villa in Bali

3 bedroom villa bali

Bali is renowned for its natural beauty, and we are sure you will agree when you see it is lush green mountains with a sparkling blue sea full of fish, birds and turtles. This natural splendor is very photogenic, which is why most of the time you will see couples and families relaxing in the villa enjoying the sun while sipping tea or coffee on the balcony. For those who want more of a romantic feel, you can always try the deluxe Balinese living space. The 3 bedroom villa Bali offers more than just an island paradise. It also has the most amazing view to be found anywhere in the world, and this magnificent view is what makes it such a great choice for a private villa rental in Bali.

If you want more of the privacy that you get in your own house, then you can opt for the private villa seminyak which is located within walking distance to the beach and the tea shops. This beautiful view makes it perfect for spending a lovely private evening together. Or if you are feeling particularly adventurous, then maybe the secluded beach area of Kuta, with its white sandy beaches, would be ideal for you. Here you will have the opportunity to swim in the clear blue water as well as enjoy a quiet lunch on the terrace. Kuta is also close to the adult entertainment area in the form of a jetty, which is perfect for a quick stop over before heading back to the 3 bedroom villa Bali.

If relaxation and privacy are not your thing, then you can always choose to explore the other attractions in Bali. There is the famousuten Balinese temple of the god of water and trees, at Sanur, the Balinese Opera house, the Ubud temple and the Pura Bagani (astronomical observatory) just to name a few. You can also visit the capital of Bali, Kuta. Although this area is quite close to the bedrooms, it is a little bit far fetched, with its old world charm. It is also worth the short drive to Jimbaran Beach, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali.

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